"The Suburbs (Arcade Fire)" by Mr. Little Jeans from The Suburbs - Single

Iris van Herpen S/S 2015  RTW


after some time, i realized that my
skin became too thick for words. i
ceased believing, and discerned that
the world sounded much better in

- the voices were never real (x)

the studio ♡ do not edit

Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France 2002


say my name like a prayer. pay
homage to our love and recognize
these feelings to be divine. this —
whatever we share — is the magic
they’ve all been talking about. we
live in this world not knowing if
we’re destined to spend it with
someone. we tie ourselves to
people — with straw, with yarn, with
frayed silk, with tattered cotton, with
chains — and they bruise our wrists and
ankles, leaving petals to bloom like
underworld vines. they’ve stained us
red and black—

but that’s not us. instead, we tether
each other to the ground, because this
is reality. we cannot always hold
each other. we have our own
battles. we have to brave our own
fears. there is no line between
you and me and you-and-me; we are
a progression. we do not stain
each other; we etch soul-deep.

- it’s more beautiful to be whole by yourself before being whole with another (x)